Fellow traveller.
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The stage at the Ziro Festival of Music #ziro #zfm #zfm2014 #arunachal #music

Green tea.
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Cloudscape: Laitlyngkot, Meghalaya.
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Away from our little one for a week, maybe two … missing him already! #fatherandson #father #son #home #family


UNITED STATES, New York : The “Tribute in Light” illuminates the sky down in the Wall Street area of lower Manhattan in New York on September 10, 2014 on the night before the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The tribute, an art installation of the Municipal Art Society, consists of 88 searchlights placed next to the site of the World Trade Center creating two vertical columns of light in remembrance of the 2001 attacks. AFP PHOTO / TIMOTHY A. CLARY

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another one of umiam lake

The “square”, and the 80-year-old statue.

Rashi falls, Syntung, Meghalaya.



A Day in the Life: Traveling With Ben Lowy for a Week

“I travel a lot. Its a huge part of my photography career. I don’t make long term plans. I don’t go on vacation. For me vacation is spending a few days at home.  This week on I got a call on Monday morning saying that I was on a flight Monday night. I would be gone all week traveling to at least two and at most four locations per day. Sometimes the travel can be tiring, but I always make sure to make each journey part of my photographic experience.”

1. My assistant, Nadav, helping me figure out lighting for a video shoot. We picked this spot for the dramatic light and perspective, but it was part of an often used horse trail. We had to run to home depot and buy a shovel to clear out all the horse shit before our subject arrived. I didn’t shoot the shit clearing.

2. Cloud Porn. I love clouds. I spent 6 years working in Iraq and the Middle East - there are never clouds out there. So I really enjoy seeing them whenever I can.

3. Planes come in for a landing over the Hertz rental car return lot at LAX. One of the best places to park a car and wait for planes to fly over head. I get a kick every time. Finally, after a long week Im on my way back east, to catch another plane to another gig halfway around the world.

4. My ruffled sheet at the 60 boutique hotel in Beverly Hills. I got to sleep here two nights. Which is a big deal. The bed was just ok.

5. Its only three days into this gig and we are coming in following our 6th flight. Racking up the frequent flyer miles. For years I always took aisle seats, though now Im a converted window only traveler. Yes, I get to shoot out the window, but mostly its because I would rather crawl over other people to get to the bathroom, rather than have them crawl over me.

6. Hotel bed. This time in Salt Lake City. This was a sleep number bed. It was nice. I didn’t change the settings, but I could have.

7. We woke up early and left our airport Hilton to hit up some non-chain restaurant for breakfast before heading south. We found a great pancake place abutting an architecturally interesting Ukrainian Church.

8. I couldn’t leave Detroit - which I have never visited - without at least seeing some of the city. On the way to the airport we pulled the car over to check out the often photographed Central Train Depot.

9. Truck stop motel parking lot outside of Denver. Sometimes finding beauty in the mundane brings me the most happiness.

10. The often photographed, artfully decorated tunnel between concourse B and C at Chicago O’hare. I make it a mission to find the time to shoot there every time I pass through Chicago.

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